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Ignite Asia is an industry agnostic, venture builder firm focusing on pre-seed to seed-stage ventures. Currently, we operate in two countries – Malaysia and Singapore.

We partner with early-stage founders to grow their companies by providing them with not just capital, but industry mentorship and client introductions. We have supported a panel of reliable industry partners to ignite the growth of early-stage startups.

Why Focus on Early-stage Ventures in Malaysia?

At Ignite, having a substantial Malaysian team, we feel Malaysia is a ripe market to launch ventures. Malaysia has a decent consumer market to testbed ideas, competitively priced tech talent to support growing startups, and many entrepreneurial-minded founders who are willing to hustle and make it big.

From our market study, we see a clear gap between a great product idea to a viable business. While many organizations hold great hackathons, many of these great products do not realize their potential. As such, we intentionally choose to fill in this market gap by launching our Ignite Incubator. We are working with universities and other founder communities to help shape and grow their ideas into fundable startups.

Innovation & Technology Team


Zulkifli Baharudin


Zulkifli Baharudin, whom we all affectionately call Uncle Zul, is the co-founder and Chief Mentor of Ignite Asia. He is a seasoned businessman and investor in the South East Asian region. Among his many accolades, he serves as executive chairman of Indo-Trans corporation, one of the largest supply chain companies in Vietnam. Having been an entrepreneur and investor, he is interested to mentor the next generation who wishes to walk down the same path. In his free time, Uncle Zul spends exploring pristine waters in Singapore to pursue his favourite pastime - fishing.

Lim-Yu-Jeen-2 (1)

Lim Yu-Jeen


Strategic thinking, commercialization and business development are Yu-Jeen’s forte. He is a trained software engineer and was an ex-Solution Consultant from Accenture with experience in Business Intelligence. He was involved in developing vertical solutions for a nationwide 4G roll-out. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading capable teams and achieving greater heights. When not working, he enjoys jamming on his guitar, gaming and spending time with his family.




Ronnie is the co-founder and CEO of Ignite Asia, who has a strong passion towards innovative technology for the future. He cares deeply about mentoring young people and startups to dream big, setting goals and attaining what they want in life. Outside Ignite Asia, he is the Group Chief Executive Officer for OMS Group, one of the largest infrastructure solutions providers in Asia. In his spare time, he is on the hunt for new tech devices and solutions, appreciates music and spending time with his family.




Andy is the founder of Reluvate Technologies, an AI/Automation company in Singapore that aims to create autonomous organizations. As a startup practitioner, he is fascinated by sol.

Lim Sue-Ann-4



Sue-Ann is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Ignite Asia, where she oversees the company’s overall functions and operations. She started out as business risk consultant and auditor in Deloitte and Ernst & Young. Outside of Ignite Asia, she is also spearheading OMS Group as the Chief People Officer. She also loves exploring new places, meeting new people, playing golf and spending time with her children.

Danielle-Tong (1)



Danielle has a broad experience in Marketing. It is her job to help you find Ignite Asia in front of you so they could be the rockets to your ship and help you take off! Prior to joining our team, she honed her skills in the FMCG, Manufacturing and Airline industry. Travel, cooking, exploring food, fashion and music are her passion. She always wonders where in the world could she travel to next.