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Igniting the 
Next Generation 
of Asia Startups

We are an Asia based Venture Builder startup, specializing in growing startups.


Ignite Asia is an industry agnostic, venture builder startup focusing on pre-seed to seed stage ventures in Asia. Currently, we operate in two countries - Malaysia and Singapore.

We partner with early stage founders to grow their companies by providing them with not just capital, but industry mentorship and client introductions. We are supported a panel of reliable industry partners to ignite the growth of early stage startups.


Pre-seed StageStartups

Join our very own Ignite Incubator, a cohort based incubator that gathers aspiring founders to bring their next big thing from just an idea to a Minimum Viable Product within 12 weeks.

This will culminate in a demo day, where our startups will get additional funding from our partners of angels and other seed stage investors.


For seed stage companies, Ignite provides a mixture of services – we participate in funding rounds, provide matchmaking services and we do business advisory work.

A startup for startups,
Ignite can be your ideal partner to bring your early stage startup to new heights!

Regional affiliates

We have partners in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Australia who can help provide market access.